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The Rev. Harry Kyle Gindhart Jr., came to Midland Park UMC in July of 2019. Pastor Harry transferred  from the Marion District where he was ministering at Lake View and Nichols UMC. Rev. Gindhart studies involved Charleston Southern University where he received his BS Degree in 1973. Upon completion of CSU, Rev. Gindhart attended seminary at Candler where he received his Master of Divinity in 2006.

Rev. Gindhart is married to Marsha Gindhart. Marsha is a homemaker and currently holds no employment outside of the home. Rev. Gindhart and Marsha have three grown daughters who live outside of the home. They have been blessed with several grandchildren.

Prior to entering into the ministry, Rev. Gindhart’s professional career included ownership, management, and on-air positions in commercial broadcasting (TV and radio). Rev. Gindhart held a Residential Contractor’s License (SC), as well as an Unlimited General Contractor’s License (commercial). His last position prior to entering seminary was Senior Vice President of Dolphin Architects/Builders and President of Dolphin Building Systems (and Partner). Rev. Gindhart studied Architecture at Clemson University and obtained a BS degree in Accounting.

“I am committed to preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and teaching Scripture in small group settings. I am a sinner saved by the Grace of a loving and merciful God.” – The Rev. Harry Kyle Gindhart Jr.

Pastor Harry's Newsletter

I have noticed the days are getting shorter which means darkness comes earlier. This is all great and good if you want to play “kick the can” with your buds. But darkness is often times a scary place; we equate darkness with evil; and many are afraid of the dark. Yet we read over and over in the Bible “Do not be afraid!” But we are; fear is a normal part of our human condition. We forget that God is with us constantly always protecting us.

The Psalmist David put it plainly in the 23rd Psalm; “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want…He anointest my head with oil.”  Why is this so special, you may ask. God is our shepherd and we are the sheep of His fold. Sheep out in the field are annoyed with bugs that get in their ears and nose. They butt their heads to get rid of this irritation often causing damage or even death. A shepherd would put oil on the sheep’s head to alleviate the aggravation, thus helping and protecting his flock. Sheep were known to butt heads, and again causing injury and/or death. Placing oil on their heads would cause the sheep to glance off one another preventing injury. Sheep wandering in the fields would often receive cuts on their bodies, and the oils would be like a salve that heals.

Anointing is important for protection! That’s why David said, “He anoints my head with oil.” God’s divine protection offered to human kind. We are often “bugged” by many things in our day to day lives; we find ourselves butting our heads against the wall or one another; and we are frequently wounded by others or life in general. God protects us; God anoints our head with oil! We have nothing to fear whatsoever! So even though the darkness is upon us, fear not; pumpkin spice everything will be available soon! – Pastor Harry

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