Pastor Reflections.....

The great artist Michelangelo once made the following remarks to some fellow painters:

         “Why do you keep filling gallery after gallery with endless pictures of the one ever-reiterated theme of Christ in weakness, of Christ upon the cross, Christ dying, Christ hanging dead? Why do you stop there as if the curtain closed upon that horror? Keep the curtain open, and with the cross in the foreground, let us see beyond it to the Easter dawn with its beams streaming upon the rising Christ, Christ alive, Christ ruling, Christ triumphant. 

     We should be ringing out over the world that Christ has won, that evil is toppling, that the end is sure, and that death is followed by victory. That is the tonic we need to keep us healthy, the trumpet blast to fire our blood and send us crowing in behind our Master, happily upon our way, laughing and singing and recklessly unafraid, because the feel of victory is in the air, and our hearts thrill to it.”

This is indeed the good news we joyfully celebrate, the good news of Easter! Hallelujah!


-Blessings! Rev. Cooper

I encourage us this month to faithfully attend Sunday School and Worship as we continue our Lenten journey, which includes Palm/Passion Sunday (March 24th) and Maundy Thursday  (March 28th).

Easter is March 31st, the glorious celebration of Christ risen and alive!

March calendar

  • Sunday school: 9:45 AM – Every Sunday
  • Worship: 11:00 AM – every Sunday
  • Daylight Savings Time: Begins Sunday, March 10th (Saturday “spring forward” one hour)
  • Palm/Passion Sunday: March 24th
  • Maundy Thursday: March 28th; Sacrament of Holy Communion and Service of Darkness – 6:00 PM
  • Good Friday: March 29th
  • Easter Sunday! Sunday, March 31st!


The United Methodist Church!