Pastor Harry's Page

The Rev. Harry Kyle Gindhart Jr., came to Midland Park UMC in July of 2019. Pastor Harry transferred  from the Marion District where he was ministering at Lake View and Nichols UMC. Rev. Gindhart studies involved Charleston Southern University where he received his BS Degree in 1973. Upon completion of CSU, Rev. Gindhart attended seminary at Candler where he received his Master of Divinity in 2006.

Rev. Gindhart is married to Marsha Gindhart. Marsha is a homemaker and currently holds no employment outside of the home. Rev. Gindhart and Marsha have three grown daughters who live outside of the home. They have been blessed with several grandchildren.

Prior to entering into the ministry, Rev. Gindhart’s professional career included ownership, management, and on-air positions in commercial broadcasting (TV and radio). Rev. Gindhart held a Residential Contractor’s License (SC), as well as an Unlimited General Contractor’s License (commercial). His last position prior to entering seminary was Senior Vice President of Dolphin Architects/Builders and President of Dolphin Building Systems (and Partner). Rev. Gindhart studied Architecture at Clemson University and obtained a BS degree in Accounting.

“I am committed to preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and teaching Scripture in small group settings. I am a sinner saved by the Grace of a loving and merciful God.” – The Rev. Harry Kyle Gindhart Jr.

Pastor Harry's Newsletter

The year 2021 is rapidly coming to completion.  Good riddance, I say.  We were all hopeful that this year would prove to be much better than 2020; however with COVID still raging, new variants emerging, supply shortages, and rising prices not much to report in terms of optimistic expectations.  Yet, the year rolls on.  We celebrated Easter, endured the heat of summer, resumed Sunday School, Women’s Circles, Methodist Men, Bible Study, and even experienced Holy Communion on World Communion Sunday.  Charge Conference is also in the rearview mirror.  The closing months offer hope and opportunities for ministry.  This is a season of preparation.  We acquire candy for distribution while decorating our homes for Halloween.  Some of my neighbors have gone beyond tacky, but hey, it’s all in fun.  Then comes Thanksgiving as we prepare our homes for the harvest celebration.  Little pilgrims adorn our tables along with colorful leaves.  Pantries are bulging with all sorts of delicious goodies, and our minds are on mountains of mashed potatoes (with gravy, thank you), juicy turkey, other assorted sides, and of course sweet potato pie.  Then Christmas comes calling.  Much to do: shopping, more baking, and decorating galore!  Trim the tree, hang the stockings, wrap the presents!  So much preparation!  BUT, are we truly prepared for the season?  Are we opening our hearts to those around us (including family)?  Do we fully understand the reason for the season?  Over the next few weeks, I invite you to emerge yourself in study, in prayer, in worship.  Christmas is more than boat loads of goods anchored off the California coast.  Christmas is about love!  Prepare your hearts for love!  God loves us enough to come as an infant (weak and vulnerable), but strong enough to offer salvation!  We celebrate Advent with the expectation of the coming of Christ.  So prepare yourselves accordingly.  It’s fun to celebrate the holidays!  It is also fun to prepare our hearts for what really matters in life; this one and the one to come.  As 2021 comes to a close, I wish you and yours a joyous and Merry Christmas!  And as we look forward to 2022: a Happy New Year! –Grace and Peace, Pastor Harry


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