Matthew 18:20 "For Where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them."

Mission Statement for midland Park UMC

Therefore, we the people of Midland Park UMC, will reach out, invite, and introduce people to Christ by being disciples, using Christ as our model. We will prosper and grow, and be a meaningful instrument in the well-being of and service to the
Midland Park community and the world!

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Happy 4th of July!

The Church Office will be closed on Monday, July 6th, in observance of the July 4th holiday. Stay safe.

E-Sermon for Sunday, July 5th, 5th Sunday after Pentecost - Coming Soon!

Pastor Harry's Pulse Article: July and August 2020

Without fear of contradiction, I feel safe in saying 2020 so far has been one wild and crazy year!  Started out benign enough; but as the days and weeks passed things got ugly fast.  First COVID-19, followed by Murder Hornets (haven’t seen the first one), mass demonstrations protesting Police brutality, marches for Black Lives Matter, then looting and the destruction of property (to what end but to create more ill will).  As our state began to open up more and more people have become complacent about social distancing, wearing face masks, and pardon my bluntness just plain stupid about protecting themselves much less concern for others.  I digress. 

     Thought I would get you caught up on what is happening health wise for me and what ramifications it makes upon my ministry at Midland Park.  Go back to the beginning of the pandemic; I was still functional but began to feel the effects of health issues.  I first had severe sciatic nerve pain which revealed a bulging disc between L1 and L2 in my back; then my left knee started giving way without pain or warning and causing me to fall (not a happy prospect for Marsha – very difficult to get me up).  Now I use a rolling walker mainly to keep me vertical when my knee gives.  I needed to see an Orthopedic Surgeon for correction, but along comes COVID and I canceled the appointment.  Having said all this, my general health began to deteriorate; I had no appetite and food tasted nasty to me: bottom line I lost 40 pounds (not a bad thing in itself).  I was weak; I felt crummy.  It was time for dialysis which I began mid May for the initial three day hospital stay.  Dialysis started off fine but then my blood clotting factor kicked in causing problems.  If that wasn’t enough, my blood pressure and heart rate were dropping following treatment.  That led to two separate hospital stays with EMS transport (once with the sirens – which was way cool).  I had a procedure similar to a heart cath which failed to help; then a surgery to unclog my fistula which did not work, then a separate surgery on Saturday June 13th to bypass the fistula and place what is called a graft in my left arm; because it was swollen and not available to use for dialysis immediately, I now have a permacath in my chest to use for a few weeks.  All this to say that my dialysis is now going extremely well, and I feel better than I have in months.  My appetite has returned along with some of those pounds I lost.  I am receiving physical and occupational therapy to help regain my strength.  Bottom line: I am doing great; I am ready to return for worship July 19th.  As far as concerns about my ability to function on a pastoral level, I am available to meet with anyone at any time; I am not going to the office practicing social distancing with Allison (she is doing a phenomenal job keeping the office running smoothly); there is nothing that I cannot do at the office that I cannot do at home.  Most churches are experiencing similar situations.  I can’t visit anyone at the present; hospitals do not allow visitors at all (I spent my first stay by myself – Marsha could not even come); church gatherings were not permissible; so I did the best I could with what I had: I was available for consultation via telephone, stayed in contact with church leaders, wrote e-sermons and Pulse Articles, and made out going phone calls to members.  In short: a non issue as confirmed by our DS.  I remain available and will respond to any dire need as required.  As Jesus said, “Fear Not!”

Shifting gears now to current events.  COVID-19 as stated above is continuing to plague (pardon the pun) us on a daily basis.  People are not exercising caution and people are getting sick or dying.  As we begin in person worship, Church Council has crafted (with my approval) a number of guidelines that must be observed.  We will have music but no singing; we will still collect an offering; we will practice social distancing and wear face masks.  All other church activities are still on hold: Sunday School, Bible Study, Women’s Circles/Men’s Group, and the like.  Committee meetings will be via telephone or the like.  This is our new normal; but take heart – one day this will all be resolved and church will resume per norm.

     Last, let me address what is happening in our country.  We remain divided because we fail as a society to follow the teachings of Christ.  Jesus loves everybody regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, economic status, etc.  We are created in God’s image; NO ONE is any more special or privileged than another.  We MUST embrace our diversity and find a way to live in harmony, peace, and love.  When we can truly purge all anger, hatred, bigotry from our hearts things will get better.  Yes, people are still oppressed and treated poorly in our country today.  There is no place for Police brutality; there is no place for blatant disregard for the law.  A few selfish, spoiled, or entitled individuals are literally tearing our great nation apart.  There are also those who wish to impose their agendas upon the masses.  I am both liberal and conservative at the same time.  I support the right to march for social change, but I support the way in which Martin Luther King went about it.  There is no excuse for destroying property and the livelihoods of our brothers and sisters.  That accomplishes absolutely nothing; it fans the flames of discontent on all sides.  I reject political parties and the media’s agenda of shoving policies, etc. down our collective throats; I care not what over paid athletes and personalities think.  I believe that if we are true to the teachings of Christ, we will achieve a more excellent way of life.  Let’s be Christ to everyone we encounter.  You don’t have to agree with them: only love them.  When love is in control, change will happen for the best.

Finally I hope you have an awesome July 4th Celebration with your family!  Remember I am praying for each of you daily.  You are in my thoughts and in my heart always.  The Peace of Jesus Christ be with you!!  See you July 19th! – Pastor Harry

Guidelines for the Reopening of Midland Park UMC

Midland Park UMC plans to reopen on July 19th, 2020 with the 11:00 AM worship service. Church attendance is your choice. If you are sick or have been exposed to Covid-19, please do not attend. Prayers will continue for those who can or cannot attend the service.

  • Entrance Only will be through the door by the church’s office for all.
  • Exit Only will be through the main door of the church, with the exception of those handicapped.  Dismissal will be orderly at the direction of the ushers.
  • Temperatures will be taken by the ushers upon entry. Temperatures must be no higher than 100.4 degrees.
  • Masks will be required of all worshipers. You may bring your own. Masks will be provided for those not bringing one. They must be worn at all times for worship.
  • Seating will be six feet apart. Family groups will be able to sit together. Rows may be skipped in the sanctuary to insure proper spacing.
  • Hand Sanitizer will be available at the entrance and exit doors. Please use them upon entering and exiting.
  • Offering will be collected in a basket at the entrances and exits. The offering plates will not be passed during worship.
  • Bulletins will be placed in the pews. Worshipers should take the bulletin home and dispose of it.
  • Restrooms are to be used only ,if absolutely necessary. The restroom doors will remain open to eliminate the touching of the handles. Disinfectant wipes will be in each restroom for wiping down faucets, handles, etc. Please wash your hands upon leaving.
  • Water fountains will not be in operation.
  • A Register of worshipers attending each service will be kept.
  • Physical contact should not be made during the worship time. No hugging, no elbow bumps, no fist bumps, etc.
  • No Social Gathering before or after worship. There will be no coffee station with refreshments.
  • Surfaces will be cleaned prior to the worship service. All hymnals, Bibles, envelopes, pencils and pew cushions have been removed from the sanctuary.

The worship service will be shorter than normal and there will be no Sunday School prior to the service. There will also be no choir and no singing during the service. Communion has been suspended until further notice.  We hope to make this a meaningful and safe worship service for those who can attend.

Celebrations for the Month of July!

The Church Office would like to wish our members a Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary!

Church Choir - UMW - UMM - Bible Study - Primetimers: These groups have all been suspended until further notice.

With the current situation involving the COVID-19, it is in the best interest of our members that all activities, with the exception of Sunday Worship, be suspended until further notice. The Church Office will update when information becomes available.

Ministries that Midland Park UMC support!

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Thursday: 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. (Church office closed remainder of the week).


Worship Services will resume on Sunday, July 19th! Our worship services begin at 11:00 a.m. We will ONLY have Worship. At this time, all other gatherings have been suspended until further notice.

At this time, Church School is on a temporary hold until further notice. Once a date to resume has been decided, the Church Office will update the website. Thank you for your patience!